More Than Business


Business and Startup Weekend are synonymous. After all, this is an opportunity to pull a team together to create a new business opportunity. But this Startup Weekend is more than that.

Not every participant has the dream of starting his or her own business. Some just want to have fun working out a problem – building a new idea. That’s what we’re encouraging.

If you are considering attending, and you don’t have an idea or one of the “normal” Startup Weekend skills, don’t sweat!

This is learning. This is fun. This is collaboration.

We talk to a lot of people who like the idea but aren’t sure if they will fit into the event. Some don’t have an idea to pitch, and others don’t know what they offer in terms of skills. To all of them we say, it doesn’t matter!

When people come together to participate in an event full of unknowns, natural skills surface, and people make things happen. Great action happens when people step outside their comfort zone, and more great action happens when people are collaborating.

So, regardless of your background, age, creed, or whatever, come to Startup Weekend. Give it a test drive!

Comfort Zone_SW