Send a Student to Startup Weekend! New Donation Ticket Option is Available!


Entrepreneurial spirit in the student world is alive and well. But a lot of that venture potential is wasted because students don’t always have the money (or time) to really build an idea with others.

Since we’re supplying the space and time in OSU Startup Weekend, we decided to create an opportunity for you to donate money to sponsor students – pay their way so they don’t have to worry about another financial hit, especially as they develop a new idea. Who knows what can happen? You’re giving students a chance to explore what’s possible – to expand their minds and make a difference.

This is your chance to contribute to changing the way young minds think about the world. Give a student a shot. Register one!

To send a student — any type of student (who wants to have fun) — to OSU Startup Weekend, all you have to do is pay $40. This gets one student into the event and supplies them with food and drink for the entire weekend.

If you want to sponsor a student, you will need to go to the Registration page and enter in the Donation/Sponsor A Student category $40 for every student you would like to give a shot at developing his or her idea and skills. Forward your email receipt to oregonstate@startupweekend, and include the student(s)’s email address. Directions are listed again on the Registration page.

We hope this gives you an opportunity to contribute, and thank you for helping any way you can!

Due to NCAA rules participants may not be high school students.